4 day advanced NVC training
Transforming Enemy Images
and Listening to my Inner Team

With Irmtraud Kauschat, Christiane Welk and Zeyno Arcan
Date & Time: 10 – 13 August 2023 at 09:30am – 5:00pm
Location: Sofia, Mladost 1

Transforming Enemy Images–and Listening to my Inner Team

Training in Nonviolent Communication for people with NVC experience

For whom?

  • For people with NVC knowledge, especially self-empathy experience.

About the training:

This training is meant to deepen your Nonviolent Communication skills and consciousness with the focus on how to integrate your learnings in your daily life. This means that you would be willing to got trough processes related to your own experiences e.g., as a parent, child of your parents, with your partner, situations in your work place. One important aspect is empathy: you open your heart for yourself in the self-empathy process, for others by listening with empathy to their challenges (also in role plays). With this you create connection with yourself and others and live more peacefully. We have two main topics which you can use for exploring the gift that NVC has for you (please see below). At the same time, it is more important for the trainers to relate to what you bring with you than ticking off topics. 


  • Transforming “enemy” images: an “enemy” can be someone with whom it is difficult for you to communicate, with whom you don’t want to connect because it is painful for you. This can be a colleague, your ex-partner, your mother of father, politicians…
  • Working with the “inner team”: in conflict situations we often witness parts of us arguing with each other: “you should do this, then you have less stress” – “no, I want to go for a walk, I need rest” – “but then this person will not love me anymore” etc.
  • You will have a chance to listen to these parts/internal voices with empathy and support them to find a solution that is based on needs they try to express.
  • Going back in daily life: For each topic there will be a short theoretical input, time for questions and answers and exercises to integrate the learnings. The exercises are very important to experience and integrate the learnings. You will mainly work with your own real-life situations. We will work with role plays, written exercises and empathic in small groups.

Trainers: Irmtraud, Christiane and Zeyno

Welcome questions at any time.

Link to the application form

Irmtraud Kauschat lives in Germany and works as a trainer for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) for more than 25 years.

She realized that peace starts within us: How do I communicate with myself? Do I blame my self as stupid, incompetent…? Or do I try to connect with the needs I tried to meet when I acted like I did and now am not in peace with the result, how it affected my connection with others?

Irmtraud grew up in post-war Germany with guilt and shame about the German history. NVC supported her to differentiate between guilt/shame and responsibility. It is out of this responsibility and being inspired by Marshall’s work that she chose to share NVC also in regions of conflict like Kenya, Israel /Palestine, Ukraine, and Somalia to support reconciliation and social change. It is important to her to contribute to a world where everybody’s needs matter, to get to know about the privileges she has and to be curious how she can use them in a collaborative way with people who have less access to resources.

Christiane Welk lives in Germany. She worked as teacher for 42 years and as certified trainer for Nonviolent Communication(CNVC). She grew up in Berlin during the post-war period.

As a child she experienced a lot of violence and became very despondent. Through this she decided as an adult to contribute as   much as she can to work for peace, for peace in herself and others, and to contribute to a world in which all needs matter. Through Gestalt-pedagogy, Nonviolent Communication and Qigong, she got the means and the strength to implement this, really with the attitude of love, the awareness that everyone fulfills a need by doing something that I also share, to approach others-in other countries too and see how we can meet our needs together and find strategies that are enriching for us.

Zeyno Arcan – My life is full of Art (dance and visual arts), research for humanity and NVC.I live in France.

“My creative approach has been built on a lifetime of research on Human beings’ spiritual nature. More exactly, on the transcendental power of Art to accompany humanity towards awakening. My research was crowned by a Doctorate Es Ars-Sciences and Philosophy of the Arts in 2006.In 2013 I came across NVC by chance on the Internet. One thing led to another and I was certified in 2020/21. Since then, I have devoted myself entirely to the transmission of Marshall Rosenberg’s work by incarnating it in my life and in the trainings I lead, because for me NVC is above all the Art of building our humanity in interdependence. And, for clarity :))) my name is Turkish and my nationality German.”

.  Location: Sofia, Mladost 1

Time: 10th–13th August 2023 at 9:30–12:30, 14:00–17:00

We will decide together on meetings in the evening.

Language: the language in the training will be English

Financial contribution for participants from Bulgaria – 420 BGN

We appreciate deeply that Irmtraud creates the opportunity for the Bulgarians to participate and experience a training led by 3 world-renowned NVC trainers, in Bulgaria. Its important to have more than one trainer so we can learn in small groups. We are also grateful for her understanding of the financial situation in Eastern Europe and the alignment of the cost with the means of the people in Bulgaria. The cost for participants from Western Europe for this training is €600.

We have a few spaces available for people who can’t pay the requested amount. We have an application where we ask for your information about your economic situation and how participating in this training will hopefully support you. We will decide by the beginning of July who qualifies for these spaces. You also have the option to pay a higher amount = donation with which you support the participation of people who can’t afford to pay the amount we ask for.

For more (also general) information please connect with Petya Georgieva:

by mail:nenasilstvena.komunikacia@gmail.com

or by phone: +359889986294


With care to all those, who could spend a smaller amount on training and at the same time would like to participate, we offer a discount: -10% if you bring 1 friend and -20% if you bring 2 friends. The discount is valid for bringing friends who have not attended a training with Irmtraud before.